Anne Stoeber grew up in Northern New Jersey with a life-long love of drawing and painting. After attending The Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, Anne began work as a computer graphic artist while continuing to develop her style and technique. Animals were always a favorite subject, and she went on to do commissioned pet portraits. While for a time raising two energetic sons took priority, Anne resumed painting, taking classes taught by local respected artists. Working mainly in oils, she has been lauded for her realistic landscapes and continues to perfect her skill.

A fascination for light and shadow, as well as a passion for complex realism, are the unifying threads of Anne’s work. Her intense attention to detail, color, and form capture a wide variety of subjects: quiet spaces within vibrant cityscapes, shimmer of light across water in coastal byways, peaceful communication between life and landscape.

Anne’s work has been featured in juried art exhibits throughout New Jersey. She has won recognition at the Center for Contemporary Art Juried Show and the 2017 Best in Show at the Tewksbury Juried Art Exhibit. In 2018 Studio 7 Art Gallery in Bernardsville, NJ. featured her work in a one-person show. 2019 exhibits include Monmouth Museum 40th Annual Juried Exhibition and the Jersey City Arts Council Art Fair 14c. She has done many commissions, as well as work sold to private collections.

Anne  is a member of the Center for Contemporary Art and the American Academy of Equine Art. She is represented by Studio 7 Art Gallery in Bernardsville, N.J.

“Through my art, I strive to transform casual views of life into compelling visual subjects filled with light, color, and closely observed detail. I work with oil paints, as they provide the richness of color necessary to achieve this. When choosing a subject – whether cityscape, landscape or animal – I always look for striking contrasts of light and shadow. The subject matter alone is not what compels me to undertake each painting. It is also the description of sharply-defined patterns and shapes created by this light and the intensity of color contained within it that I want to document, making it solid and crisp. I always try to pay attention to unnoticed details and my goal is to make them interesting and memorable for the viewer.”